C-5 Engineering, Material Science and Depot Planning

When C-5s keep breaking down or are otherwise unreliable, the chance that they are mission-ready drops below 50%. For the largest plane in inventory, this causes delays and many problems for transportation. The C-5 community answers to one of the most important problems the US Air Force faces today in commercial airlines and Maintenance Steering Group 3 (MSG-3), adopting a new philosophy of how repairs happen and when, improving aircraft reliability. Applied commercial workflows doubled the amount of task reviews, but when put into action would save the military a lot of money and accomplish their goals. APC took charge of the implementation, handling personnel challenges, overseeing changes in cybersecurity requirements and a lack of source code, and recruiting the right talent to keep it all running. CPARS improved, processes validated and codified, and talent recruited, and ready for anything the C-5 needed to fly.