Army Logistics – Property Accountability and Tracking

APC provides logistics support for the Army 3rd Infantry Division (3rd ID) at Ft Stewart, Ft Benning, and Hunter Airfield. We assist the G4 and the Brigade Combat Teams in asset visibility and property book operations with the Army Campaign on Property Accountability, unit deactivations, realignment of units, relocation of equipment, and unit equipment planning. APC personnel assist the Property Book Officer (PBO) with the Military Equipment & General Equipment monthly testing, Unique Item Identification Equipment Marking System, Property Book Management, Asset Visibility, and Unit Status Reporting.

APC ensures that quality logistical support provided to the supporting organizations and its customer units is continuous, despite often disjointed training schedules and missions due to the modular structure and differing ARFORGEN cycles. Regardless of which part of the ARFORGEN cycle the 3rd ID units are in, it is APC’s responsibility to provide asset visibility and property book support to the 3rd ID organizations. The 3rd ID with its subordinate Brigade Combat teams is functionally organized to perform peace keeping and combat operations around the world in support of the Department of Defense.