Air Force Depot Logistics

APC’s Depot Logistics support to Warner Robins AFB Air Logistics Complex (WR-ALC) plays a critical role in today’s new Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC). We provide parts for depot maintenance supply requirements across multiple weapon systems, supporting aircraft critical path schedules. As Programmed Depot Maintenance aircraft are moving through the repair gates, the production machine process relies heavily on having the parts needed at the point of use. APC ensures on-time delivery of parts to the mechanic. Our personnel assess, order, and expedite parts deliveries prior to aircraft moving into the repair and build-up gates, because not having parts available prevents an aircraft from being released into the gate. Since implementation of new supply chain supportability requirements, APC’s first-class service in support of the mission at WR-ALC has realized more than a $40M Cost Avoidance over a 3-year contract.