C-5 Services

eTIMS SupportAPC provides vital aviation support for the C-5 System Program Office (SPO) to include Engineering Support and Corrosion Prevention services. APC delivers integrated solutions for Engineering Requirements Review (ERR) goals, reviews annual maintenance tasks for the depot, performs maintenance data analysis, sustains software/databases, updates technical data, provides helpdesk support, and manages the Integrated Data Environment (IDE) for the SPO.

APC’s C-5 Corrosion Team is key to sustaining the C-5 Galaxy’s service life, which has been extended beyond 2040. We develop and maintain field testing and tech data for corrosion prevention, related materials and processes, paint schemes, and markings. We conduct annual field/depot aircraft fleet surveys and assessments, and host the annual Corrosion Prevention Advisory Board Conference. APC’s C-5 Corrosion team has been nationally recognized as the “How to” experts on aircraft corrosion prevention and maintenance. As the Air Force fleet continues to mature, we are focusing on further improving aircraft availability, reducing maintenance hours, and improving reliability and diagnostics, while enhancing efficiency and minimizing costs.